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Kitchen Case Installation : Step-By-Step Instructions on what to Put in Kitchen Units Yourself

Now which you have your fresh kitchen units, you you will need to move about the next huge step….. Putting in your cooking area cabinets. Even though the actual installing the Cooking area Cabinets isn’tall in which hard, the essential first stage is computing and observing out the location where the cabinets should go. By inserting layout markings around the walls and also floors, you won’t only allow you to with cooking area cabinet location and stud places, but it will help an individual locate in which adjustments and also shims will probably be required. Before we get going there’s a couple regarding items you will need for your project:


Level or perhaps Laser Stage


Recording Measure

Stud Person


1″ times 3″ Little bit of lumber (6′-8′ in total) or perhaps an Inside-out U-shaped shape (notice notes under)


Screws (extended enough to look 1 1/2 in to the studs)

Energy knife or perhaps chisel

Observing Compass

An extra pair of hands (you could have to bribe certainly one of your close friends)

As i mentioned previously mentioned, you have the option of using an item of 1′ times 3′ lumber for your installation or developing a frame to guide the units (We have included a photo of a sample frame under). This is made away from 2′ times 4’s and may be taller enough to guide the bottom of one’s wall units. If you want on installing multiple kitchen, then An excellent opportunity the shape, but an item of lumber will have the desired effect if it is a one moment event. In any case, you will be needing another pair of hands to aid with the particular installation.

In cases like this we acquired (RTA) Ready-To-Assemble Cooking area Cabinets coming from RTA Cooking area & Toilet Cabinet Retailer. Now the kitchen cabinets are usually assembled, we you will need to start observing out our own layout traces. Some people focus on the foundation cabinets, but we intend to start with all the wall units first. There’s no right or perhaps wrong solution to start, I merely prefer in the first place the higher cabinets initial.

1. Work with a level plus a pencil to be able to draw any parallel line throughout the wall concerning 3 ins up from your floor. Measure down using this line, for the floor, and discover the surfaces high level (if it’s got one), and indicate a line when this occurs. From in which high level, Measure upwards 34 1/2 ins and draw an even line throughout the wall to be able to designate the the top of base units.

2. Now which you have the the top of base units marked, compare well another 20 1/2 inches plus a level line throughout the wall to indicate the bottom with the wall units. Lightly indicate each cabinets’ proportions and placement around the wall to ensure that your authentic layout will be correct.

3. Work with a stud finder to discover the wall structure studs. Work with a pencil to be able to mark the particular stud locations no less than 6 ins above and also below the particular line for your bottom with the wall units. Draw right vertical lines involving the top and also bottom marks to indicate the biggest market of the studs.

some. If you decided to go with the little bit of 1′ times 3′ timber, now will be where you may use (in the event you decided to go with the particular U-shaped shape, it should come into play all things considered your traces are presented). Screw any temporary 1′ times 3′ help rail for the wall, aligning the most notable edge with the rail with all the line for your bottom edge with the wall units. Attach that by driving a few two ” screws from the rail in to the wall studs.

5. Now that just about everyone has the traces marked, it really is time to start out installing the kitchen units. We will start with all the corner case (the following is where the helper’s extra pair of hands will probably be needed). Place the particular corner case onto the particular temporary help rail and possess your helper support the corner cabinet set up. Drill preliminary holes from the sturdy case back or perhaps its help rail and in to the wall studs. Screw the particular cabinet in to the wall making use of two screws which can be long adequate to sink into the studs by no less than 1 1/2 ins. Check the the top of cabinet regarding level as well as the front with the cabinet regarding plumb. When you have to correct the career, just again the screws out slightly and leading shims powering the cabinet on the stud places. If it really is plumb and also level, drive the particular screws entirely in and also add many more directly into each stud to make sure that the case is attached tightly for the wall.

6. Now we intend to move on the units on both side with the corner case. As an individual install every one, use the particular clamps to be able to secure each and every cabinet for the neighboring cabinet and check that for plumb along with your level. About faceframe units, it is a great idea to routine two 1/8 ” pilot holes from the sides with the faceframe and also use screws. In this kind of case, together with frameless, ready-to-assemble cooking area cabinets we intend to screw from the plywood factors and utilize shims among the cabinets to make certain a limited fit and be sure that the case faces are usually plumb.

7. All things considered the wall structure cabinets come in place, put in the nook or conclusion base circumstance cabinet. Use shims where necessary to level the particular cabinet and also raise it around the series which suggests the large point with the floor. Be sure it really is level coming from front to be able to back and back and forth, then twist it for the wall studs. Without a diagonal nook cabinet or perhaps blind foundation cabinet inside the corner, push the particular adjoining case into spot and clamp the 2 units with each other. Add any filler deprive if necessary to allow the particular doors and also drawers adequate clearance to be able to open and also close appropriately. If essential, tap shims beneath the cabinet and also behind it to modify for plumb and also level.

8. Drive screws from the cabinet again (and also shims) in to the wall studs. Trim virtually any excess material from your shims using a sharp chisel or perhaps knife. Continue to incorporate adjoining cabinets this way, joining them the identical way an individual connected the particular wall units in stage 6.

9. If the cabinets find yourself butting in opposition to another wall structure, you might need a filler strip to produce up the previous couple of inches. When you have custom units, they needs to have been developed to fill this kind of gap, but if you use stock or perhaps RTA Cooking area Cabinets the particular filler strip could be needed. Should you need to employ a filler deprive, leave the past cabinet detached from your other units. Clamp any straightedge for the face with the nearest put in unit, extending significantly enough so that you can put positioning marks around the end wall structure. Allow any 3/4″ balanced out behind people marks (for your thickness with the filler bit) and also fasten any cleat for the wall. Then put in and fasten the past cabinet and also measure the particular gap among its confront frame as well as the wall.

In the event the wall will be flat, simply grab the filler board for the required size and batten it set up. If the particular wall will be irregular, you need to scribe-fit the particular filler table. Start simply by setting any marking compass for the width with the gap, then spot a deprive of 1″-wide covering up tape over the filler board in your community where it has to be trimmed. Clamp the particular board for the end cabinet’s confront frame, then track the wall structure contour with all the compass. Eliminate the board and also cut over the scribe line using a jig observed, then reinstall it to test the suit. When it really is right, drive screws from the adjacent confront frame in to the edge with the filler table. Screw or perhaps nail one other side for the cleat.

Now, your cooking area cabinet installment is full. If you purchased matching the queen’s molding or any details, these needs to be easily put in now. According to whether you needed to utilize shims beneath the base units, you may need to install several trim pieces from the toe kicks to pay up the particular shims or perhaps any gaps in the bottom of the kitchen cabinets.

I am hoping this makes your cooking area cabinet installment as smooth as you can. If you will need any assistance with cabinet assortment, kitchen structure tips, or perhaps ideas regarding cabinet types, check out there RTA Cooking area & Toilet Cabinet Retailer

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